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Hey There! 


I see you over there. You're part of this crazy online business world just like me. Even though you may not officially call yourself a teacher (hi! former middle school teacher here!), you've got TONS of amazing expertise to share with the world, which makes you an educator, too.

You know an online course or membership is the fastest, most profitable way to get all that knowledge into the hands of your students. 

You've got people to help and want to get that juicy content into their hands as fast as possible

I get you and I'm here to help! 

I'm Courtney, a Kajabi Designer. After working with more than forty different clients in the Kajabi platform over the past two years, I've got the know-how to get your course or membership up and running in no time at all.

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Two blacks labs, a super funny toddler, and cute and squishy baby boy means our house is always full of chaos and fun.


When I was still in the classroom teaching, I loved helping my teammates create digital learning resources. Now I get to help online course creators with all their tech!


Believer in Christ, in love, in hope, in peace, and in kindness.  I try to be a shining light in this world to others.


I would love to visit all fifty USA states. I've already checked Alaska and Hawaii off the I've got a great start!