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Client Showcase: Chelsea Christensen Coaching

client showcase May 22, 2023



 Kajabi Product Setup

1 VIP Day

“Thank you so much! Appreciate you and the fact you can use your talents and knowledge so I can use mine.”


~ Chelsea Christensen

Instead of a typical course or membership setup, this VIP Day was all about coaching! Chelsea came to me with some questions about how to best share her group coaching call records with her clients. She had started to set up a coaching product in Kajabi, but was confused on how exactly it all worked.

And I can completely understand her confusion because the terminology in Kajabi doesn’t always match up with what you think it would!

In Kajabi, there is now a dedicated coaching product (which is what she started setting up), but it is really only for 1:1 coaching, not group coaching. I think this is where a ton of confusion comes in for people. When you are working with coaching clients, you can either set up the coaching product or use the standard course/membership product depending on your needs.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences!

Coaching Product:
✅1:1 Coaching Clients
✅ You want a scheduler built into the product for them to schedule their sessions
✅You want to be able to take individual notes for each client
✅You want each client to be able to take notes for themself
❌You want to have a nice course-like display of videos and handouts for each client

Course Product used for Coaching:
✅1:1 or Group Coaching Clients
✅ You have a specific set of content (videos/handouts) that all clients get (i.e. not individualized for each client.)
❌You want to include personalized notes for each client that only they can view
❌You want your clients to be able to take notes that only you can see

After chatting, we realized that instead of the coaching product, she really just needed a regular “course” product set up. Since her coaching calls were group coaching calls at a set recurring time, she didn’t need her clients to schedule individual calls. She also wanted all clients to be able to view the Zoom coaching call recordings in Kajabi, so she didn’t need individualized videos or handouts for each person. It was more important that the recorded coaching call videos could be displayed nicely and be easy to access for her clients. So we went ahead and switched over from the coaching product to the course product!

What We Accomplished:


✔️ Set up a course product to house the coaching call recordings

✔️ Solid Lines Penny in Your Pocket theme matched to branding

✔️ Checkout pages updated and matched to branding

✔️ Thank you page set up and matched to branding

✔️ Matched the login & library pages to branding





This elegant Solid Lines theme is the perfect place for Chelsea to store her group coaching recordings for her clients. One thing we did with this theme is actually hide the main welcome dashboard altogether! This is one cool option that comes with this theme. Since she wanted easy access to the Zoom Calls as soon as her clients logged into the product, we got rid of the extra steps they would have to take and just displayed the categories right on the front page!

If you want to see another example of a membership set up using the Solid Lines Theme by Penny in Your Pocket, check out the Leaders of Literacy Membership client showcase blog post.

I hope this blog post helped clarify the differences between the coaching product and the course product and showed you that even if you are using Kajabi for your coaching business, you often may want to still use the course product instead. Don’t let the terminology of “course” product fool you into thinking it can’t be used for anything else. The biggest thing to remember is that a “course” product is simply a collection of videos, lesson text, and files. Whether you’re providing them as a traditional course, as a membership, or as resources for your coaching clients, the course product is way more versatile than you might think!



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