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What to Say on Your Course or Membership Thank You Page

Mar 25, 2024

This blog post is talking about all things thank you (also known as welcome) pages!! Check out each section below for more information and don’t forget to grab your free thank you page copy template!


What is a thank you page?

After someone purchases your course or membership, you’re going to want to direct them from the checkout page to a thank you page. This page is simply to confirm to them that their purchase went through and give them a warm welcome to your program! This is a great place to convey any important details that you want them to have immediately upon joining as well. You want to make sure that right from the start they feel confident about their purchase, excited to dig into the course or membership content, and aren’t left with any questions about what to do next.


What do I say on my thank you page?

I recommend including these six components on your thank you page:

  1. Warm welcome!
  2. Information on where they can access their receipt/purchase details
  3. How they can log into the course or membership
  4. What to do if they forget their password
  5. Any other important information they need, like a Facebook group link if there is one they should join or anything similar
  6. How they can contact you if they have questions

If you want to grab my free thank you page copy template, you can enter your info below and the link to the google doc will be sent right to your email inbox.


How do I build my thank you page in Kajabi?

This page is going to be created under the Website → Pages → Landing Pages section of Kajabi. (It will not be under the Website → Pages → Website section. There is a default system “Thank You” page in that section, but instead of using that, we are going to create a new customized thank you page.)

You can create a different thank you page each time you create a new course or membership. Once you're in the Landing Pages section, you will click the “+ New Landing Page” button in the top right corner. You will see there are nine templates that you can choose as starting points.


Once you’ve selected one, you will be able to change out the text for your own copy and images for your own images, as well as the colors and fonts. I’ve also shared some additional thank you page templates below that you can purchase and import into your own account.

Don’t forget to click the three dots to the right of the landing page name and click on “Edit Details” to give your page a title and url you would like to use. Make sure to turn it to published as well. You can toggle the slider at the very bottom to not show the page in search results as you don’t need to drive traffic to this thank you page. It will only be shown after someone purchases.


How do I make sure my new student/member actually sees the thank you page after they check out and make their purchase?

Now that you’ve created your thank you page, it’s time to connect it to your offer(s)!

In the offer that you’ve created where your checkout page is set up, you’ll want to go to the “Details” tab. Scroll down to where it says “Post-purchase.” Choose the option “Existing Landing Page” from the drop down menu and then select the landing page that you created.


Where can I purchase thank you page templates if I don’t want to create my own from scratch?

If you don’t want to use one of the pre-loaded templates that Kajabi has, you can get some amazing thank you pages from other designers! Most of them come in a bundle with a sales page template as well.

Here are a few that I am an affiliate for and highly recommend:

Go check them out and see if there is one that resonates with you!


What if I don’t want to spend the time or energy creating this myself inside of Kajabi and want to hire someone else to do it?

I can completely understand why you might not want to take this project on yourself. If your zone of genius is creating your content, focus your time and energy on that and hire out the rest!

This is exactly where my Kajabi VIP Day comes in. You provide me with your content, copy, and branding and I take care of the rest. You can learn more at

No matter which route you take, I can’t wait for you to launch your course or membership! 🚀




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