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Client Showcase: Creating Calm in Your PANS Home

client showcase Nov 07, 2022


Kajabi Course Setup

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"Courtney is incredibly organized, patient and adept at what she does! I admire how she takes a complicated process such as setting up a course in Kajabi, and uses her skills to simplify that process into clear, actionable steps."

- Julie Cox, Parenting with PANS

Julie is a therapist dedicated to working with both PANS families and mental health professionals. PANS is Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome, a clinically defined disorder characterized by the sudden onset of obsessive-compulsive symptoms or eating restrictions. She brings such a unique perspective to her PANS work, not only because of her professional background, but also from her personal experience as a parent of a child with PANS.

Julie has had the idea to launch a course to support PANS families for several years now and it was honor to play a small part in helping her get all the tech set up and ready to go for when she is ready to release it out into the world. I know that all of her expertise will have a lasting effect on the families impacted by PANS. Julie also provides therapy services, but by setting up her online course business, she will be able to reach and support even more families than she can currently help on a 1:1 basis.

Together on the blueprint call, we decided that the Tahnee theme would be the best option to display her course content. We mapped out everything that would need to be set up, Julie provided me with the course content, copy, and her branding, and then I took it from there!


What We Accomplished:

✔️ Set up the course product

✔️ Matched the Tahnee Penny in Your Pocket theme to her branding

✔️ Set up checkout page pricing options

✔️ Set up a 1:1 coaching upsell

✔️ Set up the thank you page

✔️ Set up the welcome email sequence




Julie’s course area is designed with ease of use in mind . With the collapsible accordion menu on the lefthand side, all the content is always easy to access with just one click. This theme, unlike the native Kajabi themes, also allows for members to star their favorite content, which then collects those posts together in a “My Favorites” section for quick and easy access! Finally, Julie opted to use the sidebar to highlight any group coaching calls she offers, a private Facebook group, and the option to book a 1:1 call with her for those looking for even more support.


Quick Facebook Group Tip!!

→ If you want to give limited time access to a private Facebook group (or Slack or other community), add an email to the welcome email sequence that reminds the person that community access is coming to an end soon. Even if they get ongoing access to the actual course content, you can send a reminder email that their community access will be ending. For example, if they get 6 months of access to the private community, have an email go out to them 150 days after they purchase the course. This reminds them to ask any questions they still have and get the full benefit of the community while they have it. Then, have an email go out letting them know when their access is over. You can set up an automation in that email to also send YOU (or your virtual assistant) a reminder to remove them from the community. Even though you manually will need to remove them, this reminder email can help you keep track of when it’s time for you to do that!


Julie was such a wonderful client to work with and I know what she has to share is so valuable to others! If your family (or anyone you know) is affected by PANS, make sure to check out Julie’s website at to get more information about everything she has to offer.


“My favorite part of the VIP day was having someone finally help me pull the pieces together!”

~Julie Cox, Parenting with PANS


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