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client showcase Mar 27, 2023


Kajabi Membership Setup

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“STOP!!! You’re a magician!!!! I am obsessed!!!!! 😍”


~ Kat Schmoyer, Integrator

What a fun project this was for me to take on! Kat was absolutely amazing to work with and the revamp of her membership site turned out fabulous.

Kat had a membership already set up in her Kajabi account that she wanted to update the branding on and revamp to make it easier to navigate for her members. After discussing her options, we landed on the Flix theme by Penny in Your Pocket and the transformation when we applied her custom fonts and branding was stunning!

Flix Slider View

With this Flix theme, the setup is much more like Netflix. We decided to use the “slider” view so they could scroll through all the video lessons in each category. We also added a timestamp to each thumbnail image so that her members could see at a glance as they were browsing how long they would need to watch the video. Give it a try in your own course or membership!


Login Page & Library Page

We also made some updates to her login page and library page to match her branding for a much more seamless and cohesive look from her main website over to her Kajabi site. If you’re curious about how you can add your custom fonts to your Kajabi site, check out my YouTube tutorial on custom fonts and get a free google doc template of the custom code you will need here! It truly makes a HUGE difference in the look and feel of your site!

What We Accomplished:

✔️ Flix theme by Penny in Your Pocket matched to branding

✔️ Custom fonts added to Kajabi site

✔️ New thumbnail images for membership lessons

✔️ Updated branding & design on login and library pages


It was truly SO fun to work on this Kajabi revamp project for Kat. Is your Kajabi just not quite matching your branding and needs a little refresh? I’d love to help you out! Just head to to reserve your VIP day!

P.S. Are you all about all things planning and organization? You NEED to check out Kat’s shop full of amazing calendar, Trello, and content resources! Head to her shop here to check out everything she’s got to offer!



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