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Client Showcase: Discover Your Peace Within

client showcase Sep 19, 2022


Kajabi Course Setup

1 VIP Day

"My favorite part is experiencing how effortlessly Courtney is able to bring all the moving parts together so easily."

- Kelly Hilcove, BSN, RN, HNB-BC - Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Relaxed and Balanced

Kelly is a Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher that has been able to take her in-person work as a holistic nurse and translate her expertise into self-paced and group coaching online programs. This has all been made possible by Kajabi!

Kelly and I have worked together now over several years on multiple Kajabi projects, including her first online mindful yoga program that is based on a randomized control trial that is published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing with Kelly as principal investigator and custom designer of the program. Through this study, it was proven that her program significantly decreased stress and burnout, and increased levels of vitality, sleep quality, and inner serenity.

By making an online offering of the program called Resilience and Renewal: Mindful Yoga for Nurses, Kelly is now able to help her program participants regardless of where in the world they live!

When she reached out to me to get another course set up, I was all in! Since Kelly already had a sales page, product, welcome email sequence, and thank you page set up for her first course we had a great foundation to work from. That’s one of the big pros of Kajabi: once you’ve got everything set up once, it’s much faster to duplicate everything and just make changes for any additional programs you want to set up. So, while it might seem like we accomplished even more than normal during this VIP Day, it truly cuts way back on the time needed when there are already building blocks to work off of in the account. We were able to work off of everything set up from her Resilience and Renewal program and adapt it to her new self-paced online course, Discover Your Peace Within.

What We Accomplished:

✔️ Set up the product & uploaded all the video, audio, and PDF content

✔️ Updated the Kajabi premier theme to match her branding for this new course

✔️ Set up a pay-in-full pricing option and checkout page

✔️ Duplicated her thank you page from her first course and updated the copy and branding to match this new course

✔️ Duplicated her welcome email sequence from her first course and updated the copy to match this new course

✔️ Duplicated her sales page from her first course and updated the copy and branding to match this new course



I absolutely love it when clients see success with their online programs and come back to me ready to offer even more life-changing programs to their audience. Kelly has a true heart for helping others reduce their stress and increase their life satisfaction. She provides true transformation for her students and it’s an honor to play a small part in helping her deliver all of this amazing content to her students.




“Courtney is a pleasure to work with, she is efficient and able to enhance the experience with her overall knowledge and expertise with Kajabi and tech savy skills. Truly enjoy working with Courtney and would highly recommend her if you need support with building your Kajabi course.”

- Kelly Hilcove





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