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Client Showcase: Focused Success for Teacherpreneurs

client showcase Jun 26, 2023


 Kajabi Course Setup

1 VIP Day

“Oh wow! That’s beautiful!!”


~ Shelly Rees, The Focused Teacherpreneur

When Shelly booked the VIP Day with me, she knew she wanted to get her course moved over from Thinkific to Kajabi. She had already gotten the course outline set up in Kajabi and all the video content and PFDs moved over. When it came time to design the actual look and feel of the course, after playing around with it a bit herself, she knew she wanted some help.

I know Shelly’s name from the TPT world, so I was so excited to get to work with such a superstar TPT name!! After talking with Shelly, we landed on using the Tahnee theme by Penny in Your Pocket as an easy way to organize and display all of the content.

She also wanted some help getting the copy from her Thinkific sales page moved over to Kajabi, so she selected “The Amy” sales page template by Penny in Your Pocket and I customized that page for her as well on her VIP Day.

By adding in her custom fonts and using her updated and refreshed logo, everything came together beautifully! The Tahnee theme makes for a great user experience with the course modules and lessons always available on the lefthand side of the page. After the day was done, she was excited to get another course moved over from Thinkific to Kajabi next!

What We Accomplished:

✔️ Matched the Penny in Your Pocket Tahnee theme to her branding

✔️ Set up the checkout page & matched to her branding

✔️ Set up a thank you page for after people purchase

✔️ Set up a welcome email to give a warm welcome to new members

✔️ Customized the login & library pages to match her branding

✔️ Customized the Penny in Your Pocket “The Amy” sales page template




Shelly is an inspiration when it comes to teaching teacherpreneuers how to sell on TPT. Her content is top-notch and her Kajabi design now matches that!  



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