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Client Showcase: Leaders of Literacy

client showcase Jun 27, 2022


Kajabi Membership Product Setup

1 VIP Day

"Thank you so much Courtney for sharing your expertise in helping to make my membership vision come to life. I had heard great things about the services you provide and your work exceeded my expectation. Your emails were so organized and the prep work made it so our time together during the VIP day was efficient."

- Christina Winter, Mrs. Winter’s Bliss

Christina from Mrs. Winter’s Bliss is an absolute gem of a person! It was such a joy working with her on this project. She is a TpT seller that creates top-notch literacy resources for elementary teachers. Instead of booking a VIP Day off the bat, she decided to opt for a blueprint session first as she had a rough idea of how she wanted to set up her membership in Kajabi but wanted some guidance on what product theme was best and what all of her options were inside Kajabi.

After the 60-minute blueprint session, she decided that instead of DIY’ing the setup like she originally planned, she wanted to just hand it off to me instead and booked a VIP Day! It was a truly wonderful experience working with Christina because she had a clear vision for her membership and even drew out a mock-up for me of what she was looking for. We were originally going to use the Tahnee theme by Penny in Your Pocket, but landed on the Solid Lines theme instead and it turned out beautifully. Her main priorities were that the membership site is easy to navigate for her members and easy to maintain on her end.

What We Accomplished:

✔️ Cloned a course product that is being turned into her membership

✔️ Solid Lines Penny in Your Pocket theme matched to branding

✔️ Branded course thumbnails created

✔️ Checkout pages matched to branding

✔️ Old course thank you page modified for membership

✔️ New custom domain set up

✔️ Native ConvertKit integration set up



Christina’s members area is designed with ease of use in mind . With the collapsible accordion menu on the lefthand side, all the content is always easy to access with just one click. In addition, we utilized the optional external link in the sidebar to take members to their bonus content if they purchased during a special promo period to get the bonuses. This theme, unlike the native Kajabi themes, also allows for members to star their favorite content, which collects those posts together in a “My Favorites” section for quick and easy access! Finally, Christina opted to use the sidebar to highlight the monthly events she is offering to her members, a request form for members to submit requests for new content, quick access to the members-only Facebook group, and one-click access to her main website. When members log in, they have quick access to everything they need!


There are a few small extra things we did inside this Momentum-based Kajabi product to make the experience seamless for members:

Add a link in the header menu that takes them directly to their account settings. They can also get to their account settings by clicking on the circular gray avatar, which drops down the user menu, but it’s not always intuitive for members to know to do that. By adding a link that says “My Account” they’ll have no problem getting to their account settings, like their email, credit card info, current subscriptions, etc.

→ Add a custom downloads button that shows up in any of the posts with downloadable PDFs, images, documents, etc. If you purchase one of Penny’s themes, she even has Canva templates for you to use to create the buttons. These buttons stand out visually (compared to the text that just says “Downloads”) so members know to click on the button to download any files they need. There is a smile line of code that needs to be inserted into the theme where the download text is customized, but it is very simple to do!

→ Change the “Announcements” wording to “Monthly Events” if you’re going to use the announcements feature to update members on all the details for membership events. This is an excellent way to utilize the announcements section if you have virtual webinars, Q&A sessions, or other member get-togethers that you want to keep them up to date on.

Even though these are just small tweaks to the product setup, anything to make the experience better for your members is worth it!

In addition to getting the membership product set up, we were also able to add her custom domain, customize the checkout pages with her brand colors, set up a thank page for after members enroll, and use the native ConvertKit integration to send purchaser’s name & email address over to ConvertKit where she sends all her emails from.


Quick ConvertKit Tip!!

→ One of the downfalls of using the native ConvertKit integration is that it sends both the first & last name from the Kajabi checkout over to the first name field in ConvertKit. This becomes a problem when you use the liquid tag in ConvertKit to autofill someone's first name, but it actually autofills their entire full name. If you don’t want to have to pay for Zapier to parse the name apart and sent it over correctly to ConvertKit, here’s a free way to fix the problem! Instead of using the liquid tag {{ subscriber.first_name }} in your ConvertKit emails, just use {{ subscriber.first_name | split: " " | first | capitalize }} instead. This will autofill their first name instead of their full name.

Whew! So much info about this membership setup packed into this blog post, but I hope you took away a few helpful tidbits to help you on your own membership setup if you stumbled on this blog post while designing your own product in Kajabi.


If you’re an elementary teacher, make sure to head to to check out everything that is included in her membership and learn how to sign up.

“Thank you for thinking through all of the details and even offering extra tips to help me integrate with my email service provider. I appreciate how kind and responsive you were throughout the entire process. Thank you!”

~Christina Winter, Mrs. Winter’s Bliss




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