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Client Showcase: Math Sidekick

client showcase Jul 11, 2022


Kajabi Membership Product Setup

1 VIP Day

"This VIP Day was better than I could've imagined. I was so nervous about launching a membership site on Kajabi and making sure everything was set up correctly and ready to go. Courtney was incredibly knowledgeable and took care of everything I needed and more. She accomplished so much during our time and I am so grateful for her amazing work!"

- Katie Fretwell, Simply Creative Teaching

Let me start out by saying that Katie is such a delightful person and so knowledgeable when it comes to differentiating math instruction for K-3 students. I know I’ve said it before, but my clients are THE BEST. Katie is a TpT seller and has SO many resources for early elementary teachers. It just made sense for her to package her resources and expertise up and launch a membership for early elementary teachers. Enter ~ Math Sidekick: Your Math Planning Partner! Math Sidekick is a monthly membership that sets out to make planning differentiated math instruction easier for first and second grade teachers. When Katie first talked with me months before her launch, she already had an excellent plan in place with plenty of time to execute everything. (I’ve done plenty of last-minute setups where the time from discovery call to launch was just weeks away, but I sure do love it when a client comes to me months ahead of time as they are preparing for their launch. The more time to get all of the content and prep work together, the less stress for sure!)

In order to create an easy-to-navigate membership hub that could house all of the math resources for her members, Katie ended up choosing the Tahnee theme by Penny in Your Pocket. The left hand accordion menu made it so that all the resources are always in easy reach, no matter which page you are on. We also utilized the sidebar on the main dashboard for all of the links she wanted her members to have easy access to, including the Facebook Group, a resource request form, and her website.

What We Accomplished:

✔️ Set up the membership product

✔️ Tahnee theme by Penny in Your Pocket matched to branding

✔️ Custom-coded checkout pages set up & matched to branding

✔️ Order bump offer set up

✔️ New custom subdomain set up








One of the best parts of a Kajabi VIP Day with me? You can end the day feeling empowered that you’ll be able to update and make changes to the site on your own in the future! With my custom tutorial videos, you can learn how to make changes to your content and theme. Katie’s membership has been live now for several months and she’s been able to re-organize her math resources in her membership and update the theme design. The VIP Day is a great way to give you momentum and get everything in place for your launch, but then you have the complete freedom to make updates as you receive feedback from your founding members and want to make improvements to what you’re offering.

Need the same kickstart experience that Katie got during her VIP Day with me? Just head to to get all the inside scoop on what it’s like to book a VIP Day with me.

If you want to go from stressed out to EXCITED about your launch, watching your course or membership actually materialize in front of your eyes in one day is a surefire way to reduce that stress!



Katie’s favorite part of the day?

“The finished product of course but I appreciated that you made a few options for my site and shared them with me to be sure it was exactly my vision.”

~ Katie Fretwell, Simply Creative Teaching


If you’re a K-2 math teacher, don’t forget to head to to get on the waitlist so you can be notified the next time Math Sidekick is open for new members! 




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