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Client Showcase: Slightly Greener

client showcase Jan 29, 2024

 Kajabi Membership Setup

2 VIP Days

“Having all of that done in 2 days (that has taken me years, and that I never actually completed) is beyond amazing. It feels like a completely new business now that I can launch my courses with confidence!”


~ Tonya Harris, Slightly Greener

I absolutely adored Tonya from the first time I met her! She is the sweetest, most down-to-earth person. When I first talked with her, she said she had pieced some courses together in Kajabi, but she wasn’t confident in how it was all set up. She needed another set of eyes to look things over and fill in the gaps. She also wanted to get her membership product all set, as well as a coordinating sales page. The idea of finally getting everything set up properly was exciting to her and I couldn’t wait to help!

What We Accomplished:

✔️ Set up membership product using the Flix theme by Penny in Your Pocket

✔️ Updated the login & library pages to match her branding

✔️ Finalized the offers she had already created for her standalone courses

✔️ Set up a welcome email sequence for her membership

✔️ Set up thank you pages for all courses

✔️ Set up welcome emails for all courses

✔️ Set up a sales page using the Health template by Penny in Your Pocket

✔️ Set up a Lead Magnet opt-in page, thank you page & nurture email sequence

✔️ Set up a re-engagement nurture email sequence

✔️ Set up legal pages

✔️ Quick refresh to the Premier theme used in her courses

✔️ Moved over ActiveCampaign contacts to Kajabi


For her membership, Tonya chose the Flix Theme by Penny in Your Pocket. This theme is an excellent way to house all of the different resources for her members. The large thumbnail images at the bottom of the welcome dashboard make it easy for members to find exactly what they are looking for. At the top of the welcome dashboard is a short welcome message, as well as a welcome video showing them how to navigate the membership site. Another excellent feature of this theme is the ability for members to star lessons as “favorites.” It will then collect all their favorite lessons for them right on the main dashboard! This makes it easy for them to go back and easily access info by having it front and center.

For the courses, Tonya already had those all set up, so we simply refreshed the Premier theme by adding in her logo and copyright, updating the colors to match her branding, and adding some additional info about her membership and podcast.

Here’s what else Tonya had to say about the entire experience:

“You were great to work with, and it was a fun process. Thank you for thinking of things I hadn't, like the adding in the sidebars for them to join other courses or the membership. You did in a day what I would have done in a year, so I am very grateful for what you do! ”

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