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Client Showcase: The Blog Societies

client showcase Oct 10, 2022


Kajabi Membership Setup

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"I really enjoyed knowing that someone who understands this well was able to knock this out in such a short amount of time. I never would've known how to add my custom fonts and I appreciated this small but impactful detail being added."

- Jessica Camerata, The Blog Societies

Jessica came to me looking for help with getting her membership site for bloggers set up on Kajabi. She had spent some time trying to set it up on her own first, but the different types of products and product themes can be so confusing when you’re just starting out! Her membership previously lived on her main website, so she was looking for a way to replicate the design she already had created there as closely as possible. After discussing her options, we landed on the Flix theme by Penny in Your Pocket (you can check it out here!) and the transformation when we applied her custom fonts and branding was stunning!

Since many of her resources were links to Canva files or Google docs, I used this little “hack” where I created images that looked like the buttons on her main website. Since there is no option to add a call-to-action button inside a lesson, by creating this button image, I can instead add the image into the lesson and then add a link to the image so that when they click the “button” they are taken to the resource they’d like to access. Give it a try in your own course or membership!



What We Accomplished:

✔️ Set up the membership product

✔️ Updated the Kajabi premier theme to match her branding for this new course

✔️ Flix theme by Penny in Your Pocket matched to branding

✔️ Custom button images added to each lesson with the resource links




One of the best parts of a Kajabi VIP Day with me? It’s a collaborative process! Jessica’s favorite part of the day was “seeing the customization go live. I loved the video walk through to see it all before making suggestions.”

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Do you have a blogging business? Check out Jessica’s membership here if you want to get the resources, expertise and community you need to help you grow your blog, revenue and confidence! 



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