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Client Showcase: The Smarter Social Club

client showcase Dec 12, 2022


Kajabi Membership Setup

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Seriously can't thank you enough. Super happy with how we made Kajabi look THIS good."

- Manu Muraro, Your Social Team

Manu from Your Social Team came to me for help when she decided to do a complete overhaul of her Instagram coaching membership. What I love most about working with Manu is her desire to provide the most impactful help that she can to her members *without* overwhelming them or making them feel like they need to spend ALL their time on Instagram. With that in mind, she decided to completely change her training and support membership from a huge library of training videos to just seven mini-classes as well as a private Facebook group for all their questions. The mini-classes give just the information her members need without them feeling like they have to wade through tons of content and spend hours just taking it all in each month. The private Facebook group is where all the magic happens where her members essentially get her coaching in their back pocket to help them with all of their unique needs, so they can spend more time implementing and less time learning!

With this change in the entire philosophy of the membership, the theme got an overhaul, too! The membership was originally created using Penny in Your Pocket’s custom Premier theme (you can read more about that setup here!) as it needed to have a very long landing-page like main dashboard screen with new info added each month. Now, with the content in the membership being streamlined, Manu decided to switch over to the Flix Theme by Penny in Your Pocket. It allows the members to click into the mini-class they would like to access right from the main welcome dashboard so they can dive in right away. This theme also made sense to use as we set up the Flix theme for Manu’s other Instagram template membership called Your Template Club. You can go check it out here!


What We Accomplished:

✔️ Set up the membership product

✔️ Uploaded the mini-class videos & PDFs

✔️ Matched the Penny in Your Pocket Flix theme to her branding

✔️ Uploaded all the thumbnail images Manu created 



It’s always so fun to see these Kajabi products come to life when working with Manu. Her content, branding, and graphics are truly top-notch!! To learn more about The Smarter Social Club, just click here!


“We have done so far 4 VIP days for our memberships in Kajabi with Courtney in the past 6 months and couldn't be happier with the results. Her knowledge, speed and organization are like no other. Not only she set up two brand new member's areas with a gazillion pages, but also helped us find solutions and hacks to make it work for our needs. She will be forever our go-to Kajabi designer. Thank you, Courtney!”

~Manu Muraro, founder of Your Social Team


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