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Client Showcase: The Stellar Literacy Collective

client showcase Jul 24, 2023


 Kajabi Membership Setup

1 VIP Day

“Loved it. Worth every penny. Would highly recommend.”


~ Sara Marye, The Stellar Teacher Co

Sara (aka The Stellar Teacher) has a membership to help teachers be a more effective, engaging, and way less stressed literacy teacher. During this VIP Day, I worked with Sara to revamp her membership site by switching to a new product theme.

She was using the Kajabi Classic product theme, but due to some of the constraints with how that theme is set up, her members were having a hard time finding all of the content. With the Classic theme, you can display five tabs across the top of your different categories. Because she had additional categories, the extra content was being hidden behind the final tab, which meant having to field customer service questions about where that content was.

By switching over to the Custom Premier Theme by Penny in Your Pocket, we were able to create two menus at the top of her new membership. One menu for the core content, broken up into the following categories: Word Study, Fiction, Nonfiction, Other Standards, Writing, and Planning Resources. This menu was displayed as large buttons that you cannot miss. Then, right up above that menu we included an additional menu for extra content like the start here category, the mini-course that is included as part of their membership, and how to get tech & support questions answered. The Custom Premier Theme is one of the only themes that allows for this double menu.

Since the membership also comes with additional resources, like a monthly challenge that members can register for, we added sections on the homepage for other links that she wanted her members to have easy access too. Now, right from the main dashboard page, they can access the private Facebook community, get the calendar of events, register for the challenge, and even check out additional resources that might be helpful for them.

Inside the actual lessons themselves, the downloads are all individually displayed along the right side. This makes it super easy for her members to scan and click to download the resource they need.

I know this new setup is going to be so much easier for her members to navigate and I can’t wait for them to dive in!

What We Accomplished:


✔️ Set up the new membership product

✔️ Added in & reorganized the content from her current membership

✔️ Matched the Penny in Your Pocket Custom Premier theme to her branding

✔️ Moved her bonus resource library resources to a lockable page by Penny in Your Pocket


Sara truly was a dream to work with. She had a vision for what she wanted in her membership site and together we were able to execute it!

Here’s what she had to say about the VIP Day experience:

“You were so thorough from the beginning to the end of the experience. I appreciated all of the screenshots and videos you shared prior to our VIP day to help me solidify my vision for what I wanted and you executed exactly what I had dreamed up. So glad I decided to hire you. ”

~ Sara Marye of The Stellar Teacher Co

If you’re a literacy teacher, definitely go right now to check out Sara’s membership!



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