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Client Showcase: Wedding Photography Society

client showcase Dec 04, 2023

 Kajabi Membership Setup

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“As a business owner of 15 years, I've come across many interactions with other business owners. Courtney's level of professionalism, speed, organization and knowledge BLEW ME AWAY. She is a beast at what she does ... and she does it all while fulfilling life as a mother. <3 The experience was 5-stars and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kajabi designer. ”


~ Catherine Guidry, Catherine Guidry Photography

This was such an exciting membership setup for me because it was the first time I got to use the newly released GamiFlix template!! This template is a combination of the Flix theme by Penny in Your Pocket and the Gamify Pro theme by Jiffy Courses Online. It combines the amazing features of both themes into one powerhouse theme. If you are looking for a Netflix-style membership that *also* has gamification options, this is the theme for you!

So, what made Catherine want to switch over to the GamiFlix theme? Her membership is for wedding photographers and she wanted to create a more interactive experience for her members. In addition, she wanted to add in badges to be able to reward them for their progress through the content. With the redesign of the theme, she also decided to reorganize her content into different categories based on the video content, like marketing, sales and money, etc. Previously, the content was just added in based on date, but by reorganizing it into different categories, it makes it even easier for her members to find the resources they need.

The GamiFlix theme also has an option built in for members to be able to search by different “filters” or keywords, so we were also able to add a section to the left hand menu where members can find all the content from 2022, 2023, or 2024.

This theme has so many great features on the main dashboard page - check them out!

Once a member clicks into one of the categories, Catherine chose the “Slider View” to display all of the lessons to them. In this view, it’s more likely Netflix where they can click the arrows forward and back to scroll through all of the lessons in that category.

We also redesigned all of the thumbnail graphics, as you can see in the image above. Since the membership includes tons of guest expert speakers, we add the category name, the title of the video, and an image of the speaker on each thumbnail. We used a variety of her brand colors to make the thumbnails pop against the creamy background.

The look and feel inside of each lesson is sleek and simple, too! The title and video are at the top, then underneath that shows the length of the video, the option to mark the lesson as complete, the downloads button, the star to mark it as a favorite, and arrows to navigate between lessons. Underneath that is the lesson text and the spot for members to leave comments. Members can also click the green bar on the left hand side to open up the left hand menu at any time as well and easily go to any other lesson.

What We Accomplished:

✔️ GamiFlix theme by Penny in Your Pocket & Jiffy Courses Online matched to branding

✔️ New thumbnail images created for categories & lessons

✔️ Lesson content rearranged into new categories

✔️ Badges created & automations set up to grant badges to members based on lessons completed or actions they take

✔️ Library & login pages updated with custom fonts 


When I asked Catherine what her favorite part of the day was, here’s what she said!

“I think I was just incredibly excited to see things being tackled and completed, all while I was spending time on my maternity leave. I knew that I was unable to accomplish the goals necessary and so it felt really good seeing those things done so efficiently and beautifully for me!!”

Catherine was seriously the sweetest and I just loved working with her!! Here are some final words she wanted to share:

“Courtney, I am just so thankful for you! More than even the design, it was just impressive and inspiring to work with you! I have not always been one for systems, but your systems are what helped me be organized enough to get this project complete and done so quickly. From the time I reached out to the time everything was finished...was truly unbelievable. It makes me really happy to see another entrepreneurial mom pursuing her dreams and doing so well at the work. Thank you times a milllion!”

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