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Getting Legally Legit in Kajabi as an Online Course Creator

Aug 08, 2022


Trying to get all your legal ducks in a row as an online course or membership creator can feel so overwhelming. Where do you even start? Do you need to hire a lawyer? How much is that going to cost?

Enter: Bobby Klinck, Harvard Lawyer turned Online Entrepreneur

I’ve learned a ton from him when it comes to all things legal for online business owners. So, let’s break down what you can do in your Kajabi account to protect yourself and your business.

Here are the two main legal priorities that I recommend starting with to all of my VIP Day clients.


1) Website Legal Pages

These pages include:

  • GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy [must have - protects the site visitor!] - discloses the way your business gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a site visitor’s data.
  • Terms of Use [highly recommended - protects YOU] - outlines the rules and regulations for how visitors can use your website
  • Disclaimer [optional - protects YOU] - states the limitations of your liability for the use of your website and it’s contents

If you want help with how to set up these pages in your Kajabi account, check out the video below:


2) Course or Membership Agreement

This agreement outlines specifically what your members may or may not do with the program content and outlines any policies you have on refunds. This agreement can be added directly to the checkout page. Then, customers can be required to check a box stating they agree to your specific program terms before they are allowed to purchase.



Other Legal Items

Once you’ve got those legal items set up, then you can always dive deeper into other legal agreements like inviting guest experts into your program, setting up an affiliate agreement if you are going to have affiliates promote your program, or even a testimonial agreement so you can legally collect testimonials from your program participants and use them in your marketing.

If you are nodding your head at all the items above, you may even just want to invest in Bobby’s full template library. It’s called the Online Genius Template Library and you pay one price to get unlimited access to all of his templates, including any new ones that he creates. There is so much value in this library and after I looked at all the legal templates I wanted, it just made sense for me to invest in the entire library!


Get the Templates!



If you're reading this during August 2022, ALL the templates are 25% off for the entire month!

Want the FREE Privacy Policy? Get it here!

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Interested in checking out all the different templates Bobby Klinck offers? Check them out here!



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