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Website or Sales Funnel First?

Oct 24, 2022

Hey you! Just starting out in the online business world by launching a course? You're probably wondering whether you should focus on creating a website before selling your course. The conclusion I’ve come to over the past year of working with clients might surprise you…

Don’t focus on creating a full-blown website first!

What?! But don’t all successful businesses have websites??

If you are an online business selling digital products and you don’t already offer a service, like done-for-you work or coaching sessions, you more than likely do not have a website yet.

And more than likely, you don’t have any revenue coming into your online business yet.

So, you’ve got two options here:

Option 1: Sink thousands of dollars into hiring a web designer to create a website for you, including a home page, and about page, a contact page, and maybe a few more pages thrown in there as well. (Or purchase a DIY course and spend hours upon hours creating it yourself.) Then, on top of that, spend even more time (and/or money) setting up your course. You finally get it all set up, launch your course, and…crickets. 😩 You’re sending people to your website, hoping they will buy your course, where a short blurb about your course is buried among a newsletter signup, your contact information, and your backstory - spread across multiple website pages.

Option 2: You hit “pause” on creating a full-blown website and instead spend your time and energy creating a sales funnel. This includes a lead magnet to get potential customers on your email list and a course sales page that focuses on one outcome: showing your potential customers how your course can transform their lives for the better and getting them to hit that “buy” button. On this sales page, they have all the info they need about you, what you can offer them, and why you are *the* person to help them. The course sales start rolling in.

In that second option, your first goal is to bring in revenue. Once you know that people want what you have to offer (and are willing to pay for it!), you now have the means to create that website, and likely with a much clearer idea of WHO you are talking to and WHAT exactly you have to offer when writing your website copy.

So, yes - it is definitely important to have a website. But, it’s also completely ok to give yourself permission if you’re just starting out to focus on a sales funnel *first*!

Note - if you already are running an online business offering a service, then you more than likely already have a website. (I know that’s the case for me!) This scenario wouldn’t apply to you, then!

I’d love your thoughts on this topic! Send me an email at [email protected] or go send me a dm on IG @courtneyibinger.



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