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Client Showcase: Leaders of Literacy - New Gamified Version!

client showcase Aug 28, 2023


 Kajabi Membership Setup

Half VIP Day

“Just can't say enough how smooth & easy you made the process! Thank you!”


~ Christina Winter, Mrs. Winter's Bliss

When Christina came back to move for a membership theme revamp, I was so excited to get to work with her again. A while back, I set up her Leaders of Literacy membership for her using the Solid Lines theme. You can read all about that VIP Day here! Since then, the Gamify theme by Jiffy Courses Online has become available. After watching one of my YouTube videos on the Gamify Lite theme, she loved the idea of adding gamification to her membership. So, we left the content itself in the membership the same, but took a half VIP day to revamp the theme itself!

The Gamify Lite theme by Jiffy Courses Online is free inside of Kajabi, but if you want to purchase the upgraded version, you can get more customization options and features. After comparing the two themes, Christina decided to upgrade to the Gamify Pro theme in the Momentum version.

What We Accomplished:


✔️ Uploaded the Gamify Pro theme into her account

✔️ Matched the branding of the theme template to her membership branding

✔️ Set up badges for her members to earn

✔️ Set up confetti to appear when lessons are completed



Curious what we “gamified”? Here’s what we did!

We created twelve badges that members can earn while they are part of the membership.

  1. Welcome Badge ~ They earn this by completing the welcome lesson.
  2. First Month of Centers Badge ~ They earn this by marking the “complete” button on any of the monthly centers lessons.
  3. Joined the FB Group Badge ~ To get this badge, they fill out a Kajabi quiz question that asks them if they’ve joined the Facebook group. If they answer yes, they get this badge!
  4. Success With Centers Badge ~ This is a course that is included with the LoL membership. When they complete the last lesson of this course, they get a certificate and a badge!
  5. Community Leader Badge ~ Christina can manually give out this badge to members that stand out as leaders by sharing in the Facebook group.
  6. First Coaching Call Badge ~ When members click a link to attend a coaching call on Zoom, they earn this badge.
  7. Leader of the Month Badge ~ This badge can be given out manually to the chosen Leader of the Month.
  8. Member Milestones Badges for 1 Month, 100th Day, 6 Months, 1 Year, and 2 Years ~ These are sent out to members after they’ve been a member for each length of time.

When a member hasn’t earned a badge yet, it’s just displayed as a greyed out question mark, and once they earn it the badge will appear!

The other great feature of the Gamify Pro version, as compared to the Gamify Lite version that comes free with Kajabi, is that you can add additional text and images on the lefthand side menu. So, we were able to move the monthly resources image & “Click to Search all your centers” image over from the welcome area to the lefthand menu.

I know the Leaders of Literacy members are going to love the extra gamification features!! Working with Christina again was such a pleasure!


“We accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish during our VIP day and the communication before, during and after was excellent!”
~ Christina Winter, Mrs. Winter’s Bliss


If you’re an elementary teacher, make sure to head to to check out everything that is included in her membership and learn how to sign up.



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