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Client Showcase: ReVeal - ReLease - ReDefine

client showcase Mar 11, 2024

 Kajabi Coaching Program Setup

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“I would highly recommend Courtney for any Kajabi assistance and setup work. She is fabulous and knows her stuff!”

~ Jennifer Farr, Farr From Fear Cancer Coach


When I first met with Jenn, she was just about to take the leap from a 9-5 job to jumping in headfirst to her coaching business. It was apparent from the start that she has such a heart for taking her own experience with cancer and helping others navigate their own journeys. In conjunction with her coaching services and online program, she is also publishing a book! I truly love working with entrepreneurs who start their business with a passion to help make other people’s lives better. After working with Jenn, I can attest to what an amazing person she is!

During the VIP day with Jenn, we set up her signature coaching program in Kajabi. It’s based around her three-part framework:

ReVeal: Master fear and adjust outcomes through revealing and altering your internal narratives. There is healing in revealing.

ReLease: Break through former belief systems and discover a new path to thought wellness. Create space for newness.

ReDefine: Setting intentions to redefine your new reality while forming new thought wellness routines. From fear to forward.

In preparation for her upcoming launch, we knew we needed to have the product framework set up for her to upload her video recordings to, as well as the checkout pages, thank you page, and welcome email. In addition, we made sure her login & library pages were good to go, as well as her legal pages, including the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Disclaimer.
The beauty of having this framework set up is that now she can go back in on her own time and easily upload any videos & PDFs once she has those finalized.

One other unique thing we did was set up some “gift” offers. These are kind of like gift certificates someone can purchase for your signature program. Here’s more information on how it works in Kajabi.

Since the progression through the material is linear, we used the Premier theme for the product itself. The program is broken up into three modules: ReVeal, ReLease, ReDefine. Jenn knows that for her coaching clients to get the most success out of the program, they should follow the progression of her framework. So, in order to help them be successful, we only made the first module available to them when they purchase. Then, when they finish that module, they will complete a feedback form. Upon completion of that feedback form, they will then schedule a coaching call with Jenn and the next module will unlock for them. It will progress in this same manner until they’ve completed the final module. I love that Kajabi gives different options for what content the members view when in order to work with all different kinds of situations, like Jenn’s.

All in all, we got a ton done during Jenn’s VIP Day and she’s ready to launch when it’s the right time for her! 🎉

What We Accomplished:

✔️ Set up the course product & outline

✔️ Matched the Kajabi premier theme to her branding

✔️ Set up the pay-in-full & payment plan checkout pages

✔️ Set up gift checkout options

✔️ Created a thank you page

✔️ Set up legal pages

✔️ Set up welcome email


When I asked Jenn what her favorite part of the day was she said:

“The communication back and forth on the progress. So fun to see things throughout the day become realized!”

It’s one of my favorite parts, too! Seeing everything come to life is so satisfying!

If you or someone you know could benefit from Jenn’s coaching services, check out her website here.

If you are looking for help getting your course or membership set up in Kajabi, check out my VIP Day service here - I would love to help you!





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