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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kajabi Product Theme

strategy Oct 23, 2023

When you first realize that you can actually purchase other product themes to be used for your courses and memberships in Kajabi, it’s like a whole new world of possibilities has been opened! (Yes, there are other options out there than just the free themes, like Premier and Momentum that come with Kajabi.)

However, it can be overwhelming trying to pick one! They all have different features and options, so weighing out which ones are most important to you and the user experience you want to create can help you narrow down your options.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the product themes out there, just some of the most popular ones that I have used with my own clients.

Let’s dive into five of the most important factors to consider when choosing a product theme!


#1: Ability to add CSS (Custom Coding)

Would you like to be able to add your custom fonts to your product theme? In order to do that, you’ll need to be able to add CSS to your product theme. Not all product themes have that ability. The free Premier and Momentum themes that come with Kajabi don’t have that option, so you’ll definitely want to choose a paid theme with that ability if making everything look cohesive and match your branding is important to you.


#2: List or Grid Format for Modules & Lessons

If you have a course with many modules and lessons, or a membership, then having a grid format to display your modules and lessons can be so helpful so your student doesn’t have to keep scrolling down the page to get to the lesson they are looking for. The Tahnee theme and Flix theme are two of the most popular ones that use this grid format!


#3: Modules & Lessons in Lefthand Menu

Do you want your students to be able to jump around from lesson to lessons easily? Consider a theme with all of the modules & lessons listed in a lefthand menu that they can access at all times. Any of the themes that are created and based off the original free Momentum theme in Kajabi typically have this option!


#4: Gamification Options

Is the ability to award your students badges and certificates (and send them celebratory confetti 🎉) important to you? Then you’ll want to make sure you choose a product theme with gamification options, like the Gamify Pro theme by Jiffy Courses Online.


#5: “My Favorites” Section

Would you like your students to have the ability to mark lessons as “favorites” and have it collect them all together in one place for them? These neat feature can be a great option for your members, so check to see if your product theme offers it!


Want my full list of factors to consider?

Want to get the full list of additional things to consider, including my chart that lists fourteen different themes and marks off their included features? Just fill out the form with your name and email to get it sent directly to your inbox!


Themes I’ve used with clients that they have loved!

These are all my affiliate links! I know both of these creators and stand by their quality of work and outstanding customer service. There are more themes out there than these, so this list is not exhaustive, but these ones have been the most popular ones with my clients.


Themes by Penny in Your Pocket


This theme actually now comes with Kajabi for free! Read more about this theme on a blog post I wrote back when it first came out.

Sunset Pro

If you want some additional features than the free Sunset theme, you can upgrade to this paid theme. Read more about this theme on a blog post I wrote back when it first came out.


Custom Premier Theme

I used this theme when setting up the All-Access Reading Membership, The Stellar Literacy Collective, Themed Therapy SLP, and the first iteration of Your Social Team.


Minimalist & Solid Lines

If you want to take the regular Momentum theme up a notch, these are two beautiful options. The original Leaders of Literacy membership was created using the Solid Lines theme, as well as Chelsea Christensen coaching. These two come in a double pack together, so you get to choose between both options.



This theme is a fan favorite for sure! You can see examples here: Math Sidekick Membership, The Colorful Apple Book Club, Play to Learn Preschool Complete Curriculum, and Focused Success for Teacherpreneurs.



This stunning theme has been used and loved by many of my VIP Day clients! Check out some different examples here: The Blog Societies, The Smarter Social Club, Uncertainty Experts, The Sleep Sorority, Songs and Stories, Creative 24-7, and Rested Exclusive Membership.



Themes by Jiffy Courses Online 

Gamify Lite

If you want to use gamification in your course or membership, this free theme inside of Kajabi is a great option. Read more about this theme on a blog post I wrote back when it first came out.

Gamify Pro

If you want more features and options than Gamify Lite, you can upgrade to the Pro version. Read more about this theme on a blog post I wrote back when it first came out. You can see this theme in action being used for Christina Winter’s Leaders of Literacy membership!



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Want to see examples of the five factors to consider that I addressed in this blog post? Watch the YouTube video below!


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